2020 SRC Board Members

03/02/2020 Home News News 2020 SRC Board Members The Belgium Campus iTversity Student Representative Council is made up of 10 unique committees all responsible for a different aspect of student life. The board members serving on each committee were carefully selected by the SRC president, to represent the needs and interests of the student body as a whole. The committees and board members are as follows: Outreach: Neo Majosi & Adin Pieters Finance: Karabo Madiba & David Maila Marketing: Dylan Zeiss & Blessed Rapudi Clubs: Coert Grobbelaar & Tumisang Lemao Discipline: Gideon van Zyl & Ruben de Beer Event Planning: Amanda Ndukula & Thato Raphahlelo Sport: Lebohang Sopazi & Gomolemo Lekomanyane Student Relations: Amantle Mashele & Nombulelo Moepi Technical: Matthys van Rooyen, Jan Blignaut & Matthew James Hostel:Belinda Venter, Tseko Molefe, Neo Matsapola, Tumisang Mashile & Dineo Kabini We spoke to a representative from each committee to find out why they feel they are best suited for their position as well as their thoughts on the year ahead: “I wanted to be part of the SRC to excite change and be part of something bigger than myself. I applied to be part of the Finance Committee because I believe every well-functioning organisation needs a solid financial backbone and I felt that my professional experience in the financial industry would be beneficial, having worked as a financial advisor and financial assistant.” – Karabo Madiba, 2nd year Bachelor of Computing student “As the Student Relations Committee we are looking to build student brands. We want to ensure that each student has a solid brand by the time they leave. We are also planning to grow the Belgium Campus brand across the board. We want to make sure that when a student steps into an office and says they are from Belgium Campus iTversity, the name carries weight in the space of innovation.” – Amantle Mashele, 2nd year Bachelor of Computing student “I wanted to be part of the SRC because I felt it would be a good opportunity for me to not only improve campus life but also build confidence and grow as a person. I think I am a good fit for the Discipline Committee because of my strong moral compass and my ability to defuse conflict.” – Gideon van Zyl, 2nd year Bachelor of Computing student “Clubs bring students together and are a great way to make friends. I wanted to be part of the Clubs Committee to positively contribute to student life. You would be surprised how something as simple as a giant chess board can bring people together.” – Tumisang Lemao, 2nd year Bachelor of Computing student “I knew I wanted to be part of the SRC as soon as I saw the Outreach Committee. Giving back to the community is something I am extremely passionate about and something I have been doing since I was in grade four. I am hoping if I lead by example I will be able to instil the same passion in others.” – Neo Majosi, 2nd year Bachelor of Computing student “Living in residence I spend the majority of my time on campus. I wanted to join the SRC to use this time to improve campus life. I have always clicked with the technological side of things, I worked as a sound technician in high school, so I felt the Technical Committee would be the best place for me.” – Matthys van Rooyen, 3rd year Bachelor of Computing student “I think people underestimate the importance of social events when it comes to reducing student stress. Hosting social events on campus provides students with a safe and controlled environment where they can make friends and build a sense of unity. Having done events before I felt I would be a good addition to the Event Planning Committee.” – Thato Raphahlelo, 2nd year Bachelor of Computing student “I am part of the Belgium Campus soccer team and I am fan of most sports. I don’t think you can ever have enough sports. As the Sports Committee, we plan to use the existing equipment on campus to introduce more sports – Lebohang Sopazi, 2nd year Bachelor of Computing student “I wanted to be part of the Hostel Committee because I enjoy helping people and living in residence myself, I am familiar with the challenges residence students face. I also consider myself to be a friendly and approachable person which should help with the position.” – Neo Matsapola, 2nd year Bachelor of Computing student “I applied to be part of the Marketing Committee because I enjoy interacting with people. I am able to speak confidently in front of large groups of people and I know how to get people excited about upcoming events. My Photoshop skills should also come in handy! – Dylan Zeiss, 2nd year Bachelor of Computing student   Tap to select the previous period Next

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