Alumni: Simba Mupfunya

Alumni: Simba Mupfunya Software Architect at Netropolix Since our inception in 1999, we have prided ourselves on producing graduates who enter the industry ready to lead rather than follow. We are extremely proud of our graduates and we try to celebrate their achievements as often as we can. This month we caught up with one of our first students, Simba Mupfunya, to find out what his journey has been like since his graduation in 2005 and to get some advice for our future graduates. 1. What was it like being one of the few students selected to travel to Belgium for your internship?“Belgium Campus opened the door for me to a new world filled with opportunities for those who are creative and work hard. Not everyone could go to Belgium so it was important for me to respect the campus name and prove my worth wherever they placed me.” 2. Where did you complete your internship and what was the experience like?“I was placed at Concentra Media, the largest newspaper publishing company in Limburg province, where I was able to put everything I learnt at Belgium Campus into practice. We developed all the company’s internal software and their main website, now called ‘’. I was also fortunate to arrive when C# had started gaining traction and was involved in migrating all VB classic apps to .NET C#, as well as migrating Oracle DB to MS SQL.”   3. Where did you go once you completed your internship?Concentra was pleased with my performance and asked me to stay on. I had the choice to go into IT operations (network) but I have always been a developer-cum-engineer at heart. Over the years I grew into this role, attending most of the tech events worldwide and even designing methodologies and contributing to Open Source Initiatives.” 4. How did you end up as a software architect at Netropolix?“After about 5 years at Concentra I decided to move on to more challenging projects which I felt would aid my personal growth. Netropolix allowed me to venture into all known types of technologies including, desktop, web, mobiles, AI, Cloud etc., and I am now responsible for all the architectural concepts for our developers. The experience I gained gave me the tools and know-how to produce my first game on the market, SPACERAT. The game links can be found on my website:” 5. What advice do you have for current Belgium Campus students pursuing careers in IT?“Don’t for one second think that after BC your education is done. Technology is ever-changing, and one needs to be prepared to grow with it. Holding a diploma/degree means nothing if you do not apply yourself to this morphing industry.”

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