Alumni: Marius Vorster CTO at Inoxico Pty Ltd

At Belgium Campus iTversity we view our graduates as a reflection of our institution and the values and work ethic we pride ourselves on. We enjoy finding out the different paths they embark on once leaving us and try to share their achievements whenever we can.

Marius Vorster graduated from Belgium Campus in 2011 with a Bachelor of Computing. Since then he has worked at the following local and international IT companies: anaXis, frog, Britehouse, and Inoxico Pty Ltd where he is currently CTO. We checked in with him to find out how his passion for IT developed and to get some advice for our current students.

1. How did your passion for IT develop?
“I’ve always liked computers so there was a natural gravitation towards that. My time at Belgium Campus helped me realise my passion for programming and completing my internship in Belgium really broadened my perspective. I realised that there’s so much potential creation power in developing software and solving problems. There’s a unique combination between the creative side and the logical side which play off each other, and that really accelerated my passion for what I do.”

2. What do you think makes Belgium Campus unique?
“The sense of community at Belgium Campus really stood out to me. When you join Belgium Campus you join a close-knit community with a similar culture and way of thinking and learning. This community, combined with the exceptional training Belgium Campus provides and being thrown into the deep end, produces graduates who are able to make a real difference, not just in South Africa, but all over the world.”

3. What advice do you have for current Belgium Campus students pursuing careers in IT?
“I usually advise graduates to see the first few years of work as the time to build a solid foundation and learn as much as possible, rather than a time to look for the best salary. A lot of companies are going to try to entice you with perks, and although these will sound exciting, perks will not give you the experience you need to stand out in a crowd and advance your career.

You need to look for a company that provides an environment for knowledge sharing and room to expand your horizons. This is more difficult than it sounds because we live in a culture that puts value on how much money you earn and what car you drive. However, if you are able to humble yourself in the first few years and focus on what really matters, it will definitely pay off in the long run.”