20 August 2020

Women’s Month: Alumna: Boipelo Motshabi

Women’s Month: Alumna: Boipelo Motshabi Graduated: 2018 with a Diploma in Information TechnologyCurrent position: Software Developer at FNB What does your job entail?I translate business requirement into software requirements and then develop software solutions for clients and customers. What is the coolest/ most exciting thing about your job?I get to use technology to solve the world’s problems and improve our daily lives. What made you pursue a career in IT?Honestly, I didn’t choose IT, it chose me. I was awarded with a scholarship to study at Belgium Campus and that’s where my love for IT began. It has only grown from there and I can’t imagine doing anything else. What does Women’s Month mean to you?Women’s Month reminds us of the women of 1996 who bravely stood up for our rights. It is a reminder to dream big and boldly, despite the gender stereotypes that still exist today. Are you inspired by any women in the IT field?The women I work with inspire me. Seeing them in leadership positions and watching them take charge in boardrooms filled with men, motivates me to work hard to reach my professional goals. Representation is important. If women do not see women in leadership positions, it is much harder for them to envision themselves in such positions. What advice do you have for women considering a career in IT?Work hard and let your work speak for itself. You will walk into many rooms where you will be the only female, don’t feel intimidated. Be bold, believe in yourself, and embrace the beauty in breaking the stereotype. -Louise Fuller

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Entelect Challenge University Cup 2020

Entelect Challenge University Cup 2020 We Didn’t Win the Cup but Our Cup Remains Half Full Belgium Campus iTversity participated in its second Entelect Challenge University Cup earlier this month. Future tech leaders from universities across the country showcased their programming skills at the one day hackathon, which marked Entelects’ 3rd annual event. The event was open to undergraduate students and full time honours students, and we were proud to have 20 students from a range of courses and years, representing Belgium Campus and giving the challenge their all. In teams of 2 or 3, the online event challenged participants to optimise the placement of batteries in a power grid for an alternative fuel company. Successfully doing this would reduce the negative effect that gaps between batteries has on the transmission and distribution of power. Presented with 5 power grids and 25 battery shapes, participants were required to create an algorithm that would place the batteries in an optimal location, while taking into account the space already used for other components within the grids. The hackathon provided our students with a unique opportunity to strengthen their programming capabilities in a fun and rewarding way, while also improving their teamwork and time management skills. Read what some of our students had to say about the experience: “The hackathon taught us to work as a team. We bonded through brainstorms and learnt a lot from each other. As first years, my team and I didn’t have much programming experience but we improvised and learnt as we went. Overall, the hackathon was an amazing experience and I will definitely do it again!” – Francois Greeff, 1st year BComp student. “Working as part of a team to try to solve a challenge under time constraints was a fun and exciting experience. Even though we didn’t win, I learnt a lot and would definitely do it again.” – Elne Van Wyk, 3rd year BComp student. “The hackathon expanded my programming knowledge. I learnt how to use basic Java and Python, two languages I had never worked with before. I also learnt a lot about programming as a team, and it was fun working together to try to solve the challenge. It is definitely an event I would like to participate in again.” – Zandrei Kleynhans, 1st year BComp student. We may not have won the cup but our students’ feedback and positive attitude reminds us that at Belgium Campus our cup remains half full. And don’t count us out just yet, we are sharpening our programming skills and will be back for the cup next year Read about the other hackathons Belgium Campus participated in this year:Hack the Waste (a hackathon which challenged students to develop innovative solutions to the global waste problem): https://www.belgiumcampus.ac.za/News/Hack-the-Waste-2020.html GirlCode (an all-female hackathon that challenged participants to solve the UN Sustainable Development Goals within the context of COVID-19): https://www.belgiumcampus.ac.za/News/Female-Students-Strife-App.html -Louise Fuller

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