We Offer More Than Just IT Courses

With the available information technology positions far outnumbering the supply of qualified candidates, one may assume that the IT job market is a comfortable place to be. This may be true if you are happy settling for any job within this sector. However, if you would like to secure a top position you are going to have to work for it and you will not be without vigorous competition. 

With the rapid rate of technological advancement, it is no longer sufficient to simply complete courses and gain qualifications. You will need to keep up with emerging technologies and changing industry needs if you are going to stand out in a sea of qualified candidates.  At Belgium Campus, we work hard to give our students a competitive edge. Our iTversity provides a range of additional learning opportunities which are not available at most higher education institutions, some of which are outlined below: 


Additional Academic Opportunities 

In addition to the world-class IT courses we offer, our students also have access to a range of masterclasses and certified courses. Our masterclasses cover pertinent IT subjects, including Blockchain, data science and pervasive encryption, and are presented by local and international experts in the field. Our certified courses allow our students to gain professional certifications from leading companies, including IBM and Amazon, in some of the latest software and technologies. 


International Collaboration Opportunities  

Information technology is global in nature and people working within this field are often required to work on projects that span countries and even continents.  In order to successfully do this, you will need to develop a global mindset, and this can only be achieved by building strong intercultural relationships. At Belgium Campus, we give our students plenty of opportunities to grow through virtual international collaboration projects and study abroad opportunities. 


Internship Opportunities

In addition to the above, Belgium Campus students also have the incredible opportunity to complete workplace training at top local and international companies. This is possible because of the strong, mutually beneficial relationships we have forged with over 120 local and international companies over the past 22 years. These companies help us maintain a relevant curriculum by keeping us informed about changing industry needs, and in turn, we provide them with industry-ready graduates who are ready to lead in the field.  


With the IT industry in a constant state of flux, these additional opportunities make sure our students enter the industry leading the pack. Would you like to find out more about our iTversity and the many opportunities we offer our students? Send us an email at info@belgiumcampus.ac.za or give us a call on 010 593 5368. Don’t settle, choose the institution that will set you up for success.