Study IT at a Reputable Institution

Looking for a place to study IT?  Choosing a higher education institution to pursue your studies with is an extremely important, yet challenging task. There are many factors to keep in mind, but one of the best indicators of whether an institution is a good choice is its reputation. 


Belgium Campus iTversity is a private higher education institution that is recognised for its exceptional educational offering by members of industry, the government, and renowned international academic institutions. In this short article, we will showcase what makes Belgium Campus a trusted institution by elaborating on its relationship with each of these stakeholders. 



Belgium Campus understands that quality education is non-negotiable. The institution works in unison with the South African government and quality assurance bodies to ensure that it provides an education of the highest quality. 


The iTversity has successfully maintained its registration with the Department of Higher Education and Training since its first registration in 2003. It has also adhered to the requirements of the Council on Higher Education on the quality of its programmes and its sites of delivery.


In addition to the above, Belgium Campus has also enjoyed the active and enthusiastic support of the Belgian Government over the last 22 years. The Ambassador of the Kingdom of Belgium, H.E. Didier Vanderhasselt, frequently visits the iTversity and has expressed his pride in the institution’s ability to adapt to ensure the continued provision of an inclusive, world-class education. 



The name Belgium Campus iTversity carries weight in the IT industry. The institution works closely with leading local and international companies to make sure that its qualifications correspond with changing workplace needs and emerging technologies. 


These relationships not only give Belgium Campus students access to funding and internship opportunities, but also allow the institution to produce industry-ready graduates who are not only employable but sought-after. 


“Belgium Campus graduates hit the ground running and are able to quickly integrate into our team. They have a profound effect on our ability to effectively service our customers and they are really great to work with.” –  First Digital Managing Director, Robert Kendall. 



Belgium Campus has long-standing relationships with top international universities, including KU Leuven (ranked 7th most-innovative university in the world), UAntwerpen, and University Colleges Leuven Limburg. 


Every 5 years the institution and its qualifications are audited by these universities and benchmarked against the accreditation protocol of the Dutch-Flemish Accreditation Organization. The latest audit found Belgium Campus’ Bachelor of Computing to be more advanced than an academic bachelor programme of European standards.


By partnering with renowned international universities, Belgium Campus guarantees its students an IT education of international standards, as well as the added perk of study abroad opportunities. 


Would you like to study IT at a reputable higher education institution? Apply to study at Belgium Campus today.