Degree in IT

Information Technology is a large field with numerous areas of specialisation providing many options for students in pursuit of quality education through traditional on-campus or accredited online courses. Acquiring a qualification in this field is not only limited to school leavers but it extends to the established IT professionals who want to climb the corporate ladder or are looking to increase their IT knowledge and skills.

A Bachelor’s Degree in IT is a basic requirement for a career as an IT professional, but there are other aspects that will differentiate a student from his/her peers. For undergraduate students, an internship programme provides them with an opportunity to gain work exposure and bridges the gap between theory and practice. It enables them to harness various skills and acts as a starting point for them to build professional relationships. A strong professional network can help aspiring professionals reach their career goals.

In order to remain relevant and sought after, IT professionals must stay informed of industry developments and trends. Rapid developments, game-changing innovations, and contemporary trends in the Information Technology industry are inevitable.

With rapidly changing technologies, IT professionals are required to constantly upgrade their skills. This can be done through a number of industry-affiliated certificates and courses, but a degree in IT is the foundation on which this is built. There are many industry certifications available in the market, such as Amazon Web Services Certified Solutions Architect, Certified Cloud Security Professional, Certified Data Professional, etc. Getting certified or learning new skills will boost confidence, work performance and ultimately set you apart from your peers.

Belgium Campus iTversity students are fortunate enough to have some of these certifications included in their qualification as an added benefit. IBM, AWS and Microsoft are just some of the well-known industry partners that work alongside the institution. Belgium Campus students can obtain these certifications at no additional cost to them.

Not every IT professional has a degree in IT. Some have diplomas and others have certificates, but obtaining a qualification is the perfect start to kick off your professional career in IT.