Diploma in Information Technology

The rapid growth of technological innovations has forecasted significant growth for the IT industry in the near future. Choosing a career in IT and studying through an accredited institution with an excellent industry reputation could be a worthwhile investment for individuals of different demographics in progress of building their careers. A Diploma in Information Technology is an option for such individuals, as it provides the basis for further development of a student into a specialist and junior management occupations. It may also open up many other career paths, as it is a career that benefits any business by enabling companies to work more efficiently and maximise productivity.

The IT platform has no specific demographic and is accommodative of all capable individuals. Some institutions, like Belgium Campus iTversity, have cast a wider net in their offering of a Diploma in Information Technology for the Deaf. They have roped in South African Sign Language interpreters to provide the same high-quality education to Deaf students. This creates an opportunity for them to compete with their hearing peers on the same level and to become equally competent professionals.

A Diploma in Information Technology is project-focussed, which provides students with knowledge designed to be industry-relevant. This empowering qualification trains students to have a broad knowledge of ICT principles and equips them with the skills needed in the IT industry. Students will also have the flexibility to access a wide variety of specialisations and to operate in other sectors where ICT is a key component. The career paths paved by knowledge gained from this qualification may include Software Development, Computer System Analysis, Computer Programming, System Support, Web Development and Project Management.

Computer systems generally improve productivity and efficiency in businesses. This is through simplifying time-consuming tasks, such as the use of a document management system to replace tasks like manual file retrieval, data entry and filing. Furthermore, business efficiency is greatly improved across all areas through increased staff connectivity which enables collaboration between teams or business components, improves employee engagement and much more.

While this qualification will place students on a path to a successful career in various industries, it is up to every individual to take the initiative to develop a deeper understanding of how they can apply their knowledge and skills in various work environments.