The Best Platform for Online IT Courses

Distance learning courses saw a global spike due to the COVID-19 pandemic, with many education institutions scrambling to move online to remain operational. While some thought this was a temporary change born out of necessity, research suggests that distance education is here to stay. This is not only due to the convenience this mode of learning provides, but also its impact on learning retention. According to the Research Institute of America, remote learning increases retention rates by 25 to 60%. This is largely due to the increased control remote learning students have over their education.

When it comes toe-learningplatforms, not all platforms are equal. While some institutions moved online simply to remain operational, others saw it as an opportunity to create a truly unique educational experience that prioritises student needs. One such institution is Belgium Campus iTversity. In the remainder of this article, we will take a look at Belgium Campus’ e-learning platform and how it addresses the challenges that traditional e-learning platforms present.

Remote Learning at Belgium Campus

Powered by HybeFlex, a system specifically designed to fill the gap in distance education, Belgium Campus has combined the convenience of online learning with all the benefits of a face-to-face environment. We have created a truly immersive remote learning experience that gives our students full control of their educational journey. This is made possible through the use of an intelligent multi-camera setup.

Our intelligent multi-camera setup allows our students to choose their focus throughout a lesson. They can switch between instructor feed, whiteboard feed, computer feed, and classroom feeds, or even further enrich their remote learning experience by adding a supplementary feed to the corner of their screen (e.g., a sign language interpreter feed).

The Isolation Challenge

Unlike traditional e-learning platforms where there is little to no face-to-face interaction, our platform will give you that in-classroom feeling regardless of where you choose to learn. Thanks to our innovative video wall technology, remotestudents are no longer mere icons who can only passively observe but are active participants who can directly engage with their lecturer and in-room peers.

The Load-shedding Challenge

In a country like South Africa, load-shedding is one of the biggest challenges that e-learning students face. It is impossible to study online and keep up with your courses when experiencing regular power cuts. Our platform addresses this issue with the use of a cloud server. All our coursework and class recordings are saved to the cloud where they can be reviewed at any time. This gives our IT students the freedom to catch up on classes they’ve missed at their own convenience.

The Technical Issues Challenge

Distance learning can be daunting due to the complicated setup and technical difficulties some platforms pose. This is a non-issue at Belgium Campus iTversity. Our platform’s user-friendly design and minimal setup requirements allow our students to focus on their IT courses rather than wasting valuable time trying to understand complex technology. All you need to study IT courses online with us is:

  •  A device that connects to the Internet.
  • A webcam and microphone.
  • 1Mb Internet speed.

Are you interested in studying IT courses through distance learning? Choose the IT institution that will continue to adapt to provide you with the best distance education. Choose Belgium Campus iTversity. Apply now: