Trending Information Technology Courses

Our fast-paced society is always searching for better and faster ways of doing things. Technology meets these demands at lightning speed by constantly adapting and advancing. As a highereducationinstitution specialising in IT, we too need to keep evolving to contend with the latest technologies and trends. In this article, we will take a look at some of the latest tech trends and explain how we make sure our information technology courses keep up with them.

2022 Tech Trends

As with any other industry, the IT industry has trends that every company needs to be aware of and implement to stay relevant. The difference between the IT industry and other industries? Tech trends tend to change in the blink of an eye. 

According to a recent survey conducted by IEEE (the world’s largest technical professional organisation) titled “The Impact of Technology in 2022 and Beyond,” artificial intelligence, machine learning, and cloudcomputing will be amongst the most important technologies in 2022 – all of which are key focuses in our curriculum. Now, you may be wondering how we keep our curriculum relevant when tech trends change so rapidly. Read on to find out.

Our Information Technology Courses

Keeping our courses up to date with the latesttech trends is one of many initiatives that set our institution apart. We achieve this by partnering with over 120 local and international companies. These companies help us stay ahead oftechnological advances, societal shifts, and evolving industry standards and give us information on the changing needs, skills, and profiles required in the workplace.

In addition to the above, we host regular recruitment events where we invite our industry partners to engage directly with our students. These events showcase the high standard at which our students perform and provide an opportunity for our industry partners to recruit qualified candidates. They also exponentially increase the opportunities available to our students by exposing them to a range of companies and their various work environments.

Diploma in IT Revamp

We are in the process of revamping our Diploma in ITcurriculum to meet the current needs of the industry. To make this possible, we invited our industry partners to highlight subject areas that we could incorporate to fill a gap within the industry or meet an immediate need within their organisation.

Following their suggestions, we will be introducing new specialisation streams, including Database, Data Analytics, Business, Security, Networking, Cloud,Programming, Web Development, and Mobile Development as of 2023. These new specialisation streams will allow our diplomastudents to graduate market-ready and with a relevant set of skills.

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