Bachelor of Information Technology Specialist Electives

Our Bachelor of Information Technology will transform you into a coveted ITprofessional with a multitude of careeropportunities. By opting for various specialist electives, you can broaden your skills and explore the many avenues available to software developers. In the remainder of this article, we take a look at the different electives you can choose between and what each entails.

First-Year Electives

First-year Bachelor of Information Technology students can choose between the following business-oriented modules:

Business Management

If you are interested in starting your own business or taking the lead in helping businesses achieve their strategic goals, this module is for you! It will provide you with an in-depth understanding of business management principles and the business value chain. On completion of this module, you will have a sound understanding of what it takes to become an entrepreneur and the managerial skills and roles required in a successful business.


This module will help you develop the skills and creative business mind to become a successful social entrepreneur. By combining various teaching approaches, including discussions, role play, and real-world examples, we will teach you the fundamentals of entrepreneurship, and its practical applications in the business environment, in a fun and engaging way.

Second-Year Electives

In the second year of our Bachelor of Information Technology qualification, students have a choice between:

Internet of Things

This module will teach you to develop exciting IoT solutions using cloudbased platforms like Bluemix and IBM Watson and popular embeddedsystemslike Raspberry Pi. This entails using programming to capturedata from trusted devices and sending this data to a cloudplatform where it can be accessed for various functions.

Software Testing

As the name suggests, this modulewill teach you to effectively test software for bugs and errors – arguably the most critical step in the softwaredevelopment lifecycle. You will learn the different types of tests carried out during each stage of this lifecycle and the challenges that come with them. On completion of this module, you will be able to apply the appropriate testing procedures to ensure that a software product meets the specified requirements and produces the desired results.

Third-Year Electives

Our final-year Bachelor of Information Technology electives include:

Innovation Management

Simply put, this module will teach you to transform great ideas into feasible solutions. You will learn to manage innovation projects and/or the development of new techsolutions from the initial ideation phase to the final implementation phase.

User Experience Design

Thismodule will give you the knowledge and skills to create digitalproducts and services that provide relevant and meaningful experiences to users. You will learn todesign the user experience within various contexts, including for mobile and websites and interactive environments like immersive experiences and augmented reality.

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