IT Diploma for Deaf Students 

IT Diploma for Deaf Students

If you are Deaf and living in South Africa, you know how hard it is to access quality higher education. Education that not only caters to your specific needs but is also challenging enough to allow you to graduate with an empowering qualification.

More often than not, education available for Deaf learners in South Africa is at a lower academic level than that of their hearing peers. Sadly, this means that these learners graduate at a disadvantage and with fewer opportunities. This is not the case at Belgium Campus iTversity.

In the remainder of this article, we look at how the IT diploma we provide is not only specifically designed to meet the needs of Deaf students but allows them to graduate with the same NQF Level 6 qualification as their hearing peers.

About the Course

Belgium Campus iTversity’s IT diploma for the Deaf is a 4-year course that allows students to specialise in the in-demand and growing field of software development. It has the added advantage of 6 months of workplace training, which can either be completed at one of the many organisations we partner with or in-house at our research and innovation hub, Bothlale Village. 

Students who pursue this course study the same content and complete the same assignments and exams as their hearing peers. By maintaining the same standard of education for all our students, we ensure that they graduate with the same knowledge, skills, and opportunities.  

Inclusion through Customisation

Providing an inclusive learning environment where all our students have access to the same top-quality education is extremely important. Below are some ways we ensure this for our Deaf students.

SASL Interpreters

We provide SASL interpreters for our Deaf students throughout their qualifications, including during their 6 months of industry training.

SASL Video Dictionary

Recognising the gap in SASL vocabulary for a subject like Information Technology, our interpreters are working with our Deaf students to create a sign language video dictionary of tech terms.

Class Size and Setup

We limit our IT diploma for the Deaf classes to 10 students to ensure each student receives dedicated attention. We also adopt a half-moon seating arrangement which is optimal for students learning through sign language.

Free SASL Classes

Promoting inclusion is not just about catering to the Deaf community but also encouraging hearing individuals to play their part. One of the ways we do this is by providing free SASL classes to all our students and staff.

Study Further

This year, Belgium Campus iTversity started accepting Deaf students to study for their Bachelor of Information Technology. With a specialisation in software development, this 3-year academic qualification allows Deaf students who completed the IT diploma to delve deeper into the field of software development to graduate with a relevant and recognised degree.

Need More Information?

Would you like more information about studying at Belgium Campus iTversity as a Deaf student? We will gladly assist. Email us at or WhatsApp us on 073 230 5147.