Study Information Systems

Why You Should Study Information Systems

Every organisation is looking for ways to improve their operations and gain a competitive edge. In today’s technological world, business knowledge alone is not enough to achieve this. Standing out in the modern business landscape requires a combination of business knowledge and technological expertise. An information systems study programme will equip you with this combination and the knowledge and skills to leverage it to achieve business goals, making you a highly sought-after professional.

In this article, we look at some of the different types of business information systems, where you should study to become skilled in this field, and the numerous career opportunities that will become available to you once you do.

Types of Information Systems

As previously mentioned, information systems and professionalswho can work with them are crucial to the success of modern businesses. Below are some examples of the most common business information systems you may be required to work with if you study within this field.

  • Transaction Information Systems: process and record day-to-day business transactions to allow data to be captured and stored accurately and timeously.  
  • Management Information Systems: gather, process, and present summarised data and reports to help managers make informed decisions and monitor business performance.
  • Enterprise Resource Planning Systems: integrate and manage core business processes, functions, and data to streamline operations and enhance efficiency.

Other, and perhaps more exciting, systems a course of study in this field should equip you to work with include those related to artificial intelligence, Big Data, Cloud Computing, IoT, Blockchain, virtual reality, and cybersecurity.

Information Systems Careers

Choosing to study information systems will give you access to a wide range of exciting career opportunities across both the business and technology sectors. Below are just some of the lucrative and rewarding careers that students who study within this field end up in:

  • Business Analyst
  • E-commerce Manager
  • Business Intelligence Manager
  • Data Scientist
  • Cloud Architect
  • Cybersecurity Analyst
  • Software Developer
  • Blockchain Developer
  • Artificial Intelligence Engineer
  • Information Systems Manager

Where To Study

Regardless of the career you have your eyes on, Belgium Campus iTversity is a great place to study within this field. We are well-known in the South African industry for producing work-ready graduates, and our commitment to academicexcellence will ensure you receive a world-class study experience.

Each course of study we provide is of the highest academic standard and includes at least one or two information systems modules. However, if you are looking for a course with a stronger focus on this field, you should study our 3-year Bachelor of Information Technology degree.

Need More Information?

Would you like to learn more about any of our courses of study or the information systems modules you will study as part of them? Contact us at or on 010 593 5368, and a member of our team will help you choose the best course of study for you.