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IT University vs Generalist Institution: Making the Right Choice

So, you know you want to study IT but aren’t sure whether you should choose a generalist or specialised university. There are several factors to consider, but before we take a look at these, it is important that you first understand the difference between these two types of institutions.

Specialised University vs Generalist University

An IT university, also known as a specialised university, only offers courses relating to IT. Generalist institutions, on the other hand, provide a range of courses across a variety of disciplines.

Choosing a Generalist University

There are several benefits to studying at a generalist university, some of which are:

  1. If you are unsure which career path to pursue, access to multiple academic programs in various fields of study can help you figure it out.
  2. Generalist institutions are known for promoting interdisciplinary learning, enabled by the diverse students these institutions attract and the variety of fields they study within.
  3. By giving students access to a broad range of study fields, generalist institutions provide more career choices than most specialised institutions.

Choosing an IT University

If you are confident that you want to study IT, here are a few reasons you should strongly consider a specialised university:  

  1. Because specialised institutions only focus on one field of study, they are able to provide students with comprehensive and specialised knowledge and expertise in that particular area. This includes, in some cases, tailoring their curriculum to meet the changing needs of the industry.
  2. If you choose an IT university, you will be surrounded by like-minded peers with similar interests and career aspirations. These peers will likely become life-long friends and valuable networks once you enter the job market.
  3. These institutions tend to provide specialised equipment that enhances their students’ study experience. Belgium Campus students, for example, have access to a BMW X3 and Velocity aircraft for their IT innovation projects.

Belgium Campus iTversity – An IT University

The great thing about the IT university, Belgium Campus, is that although we are a specialised institution, we ensure our students don’t miss out on the interdisciplinary experience and broad career opportunities gained at a generalist university.

Although our institution only comprises IT students, we collaborate with a number of local and international universities to expose them to multi-disciplinary and intercultural innovation projects throughout their studies.

In addition to the above, IT has become integral to the success of virtually every industry, from health and finance to entertainment and agriculture. Therefore, studying IT will give you the added advantage of not being limited to working solely within the IT field once you graduate – a concern for students who study at other specialised institutions, where the career options related to the specialisation area are more limited.

Need More Information?

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