Choosing the Right Software Engineering Course

A career in software engineering can be both incredibly challenging and incredibly rewarding. In the modern world, there is an ever-expanding list of jobs becoming available in this industry. From video game development to systems analysis and project management, the scope of opportunity is massive!

But what exactly does this form of engineering entail, and how can one begin a career in this exciting industry? At Belgium Campus iTversity, we have the answers to these very questions in our advanced IT and technology courses that cover the various fields and skills required for this career.

What Is Software Engineering?

Software engineering is the branch of computer science that focuses on the design, development, testing, and maintenance of applications. Professionals in this field apply the principles and knowledge of various programming languages to create and implement solutions for the end user.

There are two primary types of software engineering, namely: applications development and systems development. Applications developers generally focus on creating user-facing programs, while systems developers focus on the foundational programs that support and manage computer hardware.

Job Opportunities in This Field

The jobs that become available to those who have studied an accredited software engineering course are seemingly endless. Some of the most exciting careers one can pursue are:

Skills Required for Software Engineering

There are various skills that this type of engineer requires to be successful. While some are more necessary than others, the core skills that one should at least have a basic understanding of are:

Of course, these are purely technical and do not consider the interpersonal or soft skills one needs to effectively work in a team environment and produce work at a consistently high standard.

Choosing the Right Software Engineering Course

What you study will guide your future career path. This is why choosing a software engineering course that is both relevant to the field you wish to pursue and that offers you the highest level of training standards available is crucial.

When choosing to study a software engineering course at Belgium Campus iTversity, you can opt for our Bachelor of Computing degree that provides a direct path to your dream job. The Bachelor of Computing course offers the choice between specialising in data science or software engineering. Opting for the latter provides a comprehensive and internationally competitive course that will set you up for success in this branch of the IT industry.

Other Courses that Can Lead to Software Engineering

For those looking to build up to or follow a different path into software engineering, one can opt to study various other courses at Belgium Campus. The Bachelor of Information Technology course, which offers a specialisation in software development, is an excellent route into a wide variety of fields within the industry, which can lead you seemingly anywhere IT-related in the future! There is also the option to do this course part time, which is ideal for those who have already begun their career in IT and cannot afford to commit to a full-time degree.

Then there is the option of completing a Diploma in Information Technology, which allows students to focus their course studies in one of two streams, an infrastructure stream and a development stream. Opting for this course has the added advantage of a 6-month workplace training opportunity, offering an incredible opportunity to gain practical experience in the industry.

Finally, for those looking for further certifications, there are also course options such as the Certificate: Information Technology (Database Development) and a National Certificate: Information Technology (Systems Development), both of which offer an affordable and fast course that will assist in launching your career.

Begin Your Software Engineering Course Today

While the journey towards becoming fully qualified in the IT industry is a long and arduous one, the rewards are well worth it. With an average monthly base salary of R49,792, there is certainly fair compensation available, as well as engineers often being able to work from the comfort of home. Couple these with the exciting fields in which one can work in, and completing a software engineering course becomes well worth all the effort it takes.

-Josh Basson