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5 Reasons to Study IT

Deciding what career to choose is not always easy. So much depends on this decision. Will you be happy doing this for the next how many ever years? Will you be good at it? In fact, will you even be able to find a job in the crowded employment market? And will the career you choose still be a viable choice in a couple of years from now, given the changes in the work environment and the effect of the fourth industrial revolution? All of these are valid questions and the answers to them add to the reasons why you should seriously consider a career in Information Technology. Here are some of the top reasons to study IT:

  1. An Information Technology qualification opens many doors. Information technology is a very diverse field. When you study IT, you open the door to a variety of career paths and opportunities. Almost every business and industry rely on some form of technology, including computer networks, databases, and the software that basically makes everything work. This means that IT professionals are always in high demand for a variety of roles and that you can find an industry that aligns with your interests.
  2. You have excellent chances of employment. The field of information technology is growing at a rapid rate. As mentioned in the previous point, technology drives the world of business. With reliable IT credentials, you have a very good chance of finding employment. Furthermore, the fourth industrial revolution is bound to ensure that these opportunities simply proliferate in the foreseeable future.
  3. You could earn a healthy salary. Let’s face it, for many of us one of the reasons to study is to increase our earning potential. Because of the importance of technology in so many industries, you have a chance to earn a good salary as you climb the ladder within the IT profession.
  4. You can potentially work just about anywhere in the world. When you study IT, you gain a skill that is both recognised and required across the world. Programming, computer networks, and database systems are used across the globe in a wide variety of industries. Studying at a reputable institution that offers accredited qualifications affords you the freedom to work anywhere in the country – or out of the country if you so wish. You never know where opportunity may take you but with a recognised qualification in information technology, you are always ready to grab it with both hands.
  5. You have an opportunity to change the world. Does it sound ambitious? Maybe. Is it possible? Certainly. Just think about it – technology is inextricably linked to every aspect of our lives. When you choose to study IT, you choose to join the legion of leading people who create the templates and structures we use in our daily lives, as well as the brand-new innovations that will shape our future. It can be a very creative and rewarding career.

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