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Belgium Campus iTversity Moves Its IT Courses Online

Belgium Campus iTversity quickly moved its IT courses online in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic continues to affect every sector of society and the education sector is no exception. Many educational institutions were forced to put their studies on pause, and although more institutions are now making the transition to online, many have not done so fast enough to save the academic year. In a time of so much uncertainty there is no need to add your academic future to the list. Make sure you choose an institution that will adapt to provide you with a quality education, regardless of the circumstances.

Belgium Campus was able to move all its IT courses online in just 3 short weeks. Our iTversity was not locked down and our students have been able to continue investing in their futures through the exceptional online learning experience we quickly adapted to provide. This unique learning experience provides our students with the convenience of online classes, combined with the dedicated attention and interaction of face-to-face classes. It was an almost seamless transition with tests and assessments continuing as scheduled before the lockdown. This was made possible with the help of our dedicated academic staff, our incredible team of developers and our students’ technological competence and willingness to adapt.

Student Testimonies

Read what some Belgium Campus students had to say about the transition and attending IT courses online:

“I am impressed by how seamlessly Belgium Campus made the transition to digital platforms and I love that our online classes allow us to maintain the same lecturer-student relationships that we had in person.” – 3rd year BComp student, Tebogo Moropa.

“The transition from campus life to online classes has been surprisingly smooth. The platforms at our disposal and the engagement from students has been exceptional.” – 3rd year BComp student, Keamo Matlala.

“I am impressed at how efficiently Belgium Campus managed to set up the structure and itineraries for online classes and keep the academic year on track.” – 3rd year BComp student, Rashmika Kalan.

Diploma in Information Technology

Like their National Certificate IT courses, Belgium Campus’ Diploma in IT is purely vocational and will set you back the same amount. Despite this, the course is 3 years in duration and includes the added advantage of one year of workplace training at a top IT company in South Africa. The work experience you will gain during this year is invaluable and often leads to a permanent job offer.

Depending on your interests, you can choose to specialise in software development or infrastructure. Whichever you choose, you will enter this industry ready to hit the ground running.

Overcoming Challenges

Belgium Campus was aware that moving its IT courses online would come with some challenges. One of these challenges was accommodating students who were unable to attend classes online due to a lack of connectivity/ infrastructure. Letting these students fall behind was not an option. In line with the 33% directive from the Department of Higher Education and in accordance with strict COVID-19 health and safety government regulations, these students were invited to return to campus to make use of the facilities to attend IT courses online. Catch-up classes have also been made available to give these students the opportunity to catch up with their peers.


Belgium Campus intends to adopt a hybrid learning system. This system will give students the option to return to campus for face-to-face classes or continue to attend classes online via a live stream. Exactly when this system will be adopted is dependent on the number of students that will be permitted to return to campus at each lockdown level. Despite the uncertainty we face one thing’s for sure, whether you choose to attend IT courses online or face-to-face, you can be certain of your academic future at Belgium Campus iTversity.