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Beyond Information Technology Courses

When deciding where to study, it is important to select an institution that goes beyond simply offering exceptional qualifications. You need to choose an institution that provides additional opportunities for growth and learning which will help you stand out when you enter the industry. One such institution is Belgium Campus iTversity. Belgium Campus goes beyond information technology courses to provide numerous additional opportunities for personal and professional growth. One way they do this is by offering IBM masterclasses each September.

IBM Masterclasses

The IBM masterclasses that Belgium Campus offers greatly complement the iTversity’s exceptional information technology courses, which are all grounded in real-world application. The classes provide students with crucial information surrounding the latest software and technologies and how they are being used in industry today. Students are also able to complete a test on the material covered in order to receive IBM professional certifications – a great addition to any CV. This year’s classes focussed on the following important topics which we will briefly outline below: Blockchain, Pervasive Encryption and IBM mainframe skills.


Simply put, Blockchain is the tech that underpins digital currencies like Bitcoin. It is a leading tech in today’s IT industry and individuals with Blockchain related skills are in high demand.

Pervasive Encryption

Every enterprise has important business assets which they need to protect. In today’s world, data is one of the most important of these assets. Pervasive encryption allows companies to protect their data by converting it into a format which is unrecognizable without a code to decipher it.

Mainframe Skills

Most of the world’s largest and best respected companies make us of mainframe computers for their critical daily operations. Mainframe computers are used in a large number of public and private enterprises, including banking, finance, health care, insurance, utilities and government, to name a few. The increasing prevalence of mainframe tech has increased the need for individuals with sound mainframe skills.

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