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Beyond Studying IT Courses Online

The emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic saw many educational institutions scrambling to offer remote learning to save the academic year. While some institutions felt that this was sufficient change, others continued to adapt to improve their educational offering. As South Africa enters its second wave of COVID-19, choosing an institution that will continually adapt to provide its students with the best possible educational experience is extremely important. One such institution is Belgium Campus iTversity.

COVID-19 Response

Belgium Campus was one of the first educational institutions in South Africa to effectively adapt in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Unlike many other institutions that were forced to put their studies on hold, Belgium Campus was not locked down. In just 3 short weeks, the iTversity was able to move all its IT courses online and they haven’t stopped there. As of 2021, they will be introducing a brand-new hybrid learning model. But what makes this type of learning any different from studying IT courses online? Read on to find out.

Comparing Learning Models

Unlike traditional remote learning where there is little to no face-to-face interaction, hybrid learning combines the convenience of distance learning with all the benefits of a face-to-face environment. Students are no longer mere icons who can only passively observe but are rather active participants who can directly engage with their lecturer and their peers. With hybrid learning, you are guaranteed to get that in-classroom feeling regardless of where you choose to learn from.

Hybrid Learning at Belgium Campus

Belgium Campus has partnered with HybeFlex (a system specifically designed to fill the gap in distance learning) to provide a hybrid learning experience like no other. By combining the HybeFlex system with innovative video wall technology and an intelligent multi-camera setup, the iTversity has managed to move way beyond simply offering IT courses online and have managed to take that in-classroom feeling to new heights.

In addition to the multitude of ways remote students can engage with the lecturer and their peers, they are now also able to choose their focus throughout a lesson. Students can switch between whiteboard feed, computer feed and classroom feeds, or even enrich their remote learning experience by adding a supplementary feed to the corner of their screen. In addition, by saving all class recordings, whiteboard screenshots and coursework to the cloud, students can catch up on any classes they miss in their own time.

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