Botlhale Village

Belgium Campus created the Botlhale Village as a place of knowledge creation and sharing to advance ICT and innovation in South Africa, Africa and further abroad as part of our ICT4Development initiative.

Innovation has become a key differentiator for corporates, SMEs and the business world and has a positive impact on society.

All activities undertaken in Botlhale Village are intended to improve the lives of community members in this region. Research at this innovation and incubation hub will always be conducted with the purpose of serving the needs of citizens in terms of learning and teaching. Belgium Campus believes in social development as a premise to ensure that our society grows and that opportunities are created for everyone in our communities.

The village is also an incubator for economic entities where research students engage with virtual companies.

Botlhale Village

a place of knowledge creation and sharing

Successful projects may lead to the creation of new, small and medium enterprises that add value to the knowledge gained and systems developed. This type of development leads to growth in the local economy and contributes to the improvement of the region in the spirit of ubuntu.

To facilitate the meeting of minds and growth of knowledge, research students will organise conferences to promote their results and development projects using the building’s exhibition centre and auditorium.

Meetings like these bring together academics, representatives from business and industry, government leaders and potential beneficiaries.

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