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Did You Know? There Are IT Courses Designed to Meet Your Needs.

The world of Information Technology is growing daily at an ever-increasing pace. It is a field of expertise that has infiltrated and shaped almost every industry and area of our lives. As such, it also offers a growing field of career opportunities – it is one of the industries that is universally expected to flourish as the fourth industrial revolution progresses. If you want to join this industry and future-proof your career success, IT courses are your ticket to play. At Belgium Campus ITversity, we realise that not every potential student has the same resources or qualifications available to access tertiary education. However, we also believe that everyone has a right to build a successful future for themselves. We, therefore, offer a range of courses and qualifications to cater to as many students as possible. Our range of IT courses include:

Bachelor of Information Technology

The initial investment to obtain a bachelor’s degree pays off in the long term, as it remains the most widely accepted entry accreditation in many professional careers. The content of this 3-year course can be categorised into two phases – a generic foundational phase and a specialisation phase. This approach allows us to ensure that you have the knowledge to build a strong foundation and the professional and execution skills to align with real-world industry requirements to prepare you for your career. Our unique approach to our IT courses has ensured that 100% of our students have received employment after graduation.

Diploma in Information Technology

This is the choice for you if your situation requires IT courses that are shorter and/or more affordable. The Diploma in Information Technology is a 3-year course that consists of two years of academic studies and one year of workplace training to ensure you are fully prepared to enter the workforce. This diploma allows you to follow one of two specialisations:

  • Software Development: Gain knowledge in object-oriented and event-driven programming to become a world-class programmer, database developer, or web programmer.
  • Infrastructure: This specialisation gives you the necessary knowledge and skills to take charge of the administration of the IT infrastructure of a small- to medium-sized company or to become a specialised administrator (network, mail, or security) for a larger business.

National Certificate Programmes

Those who are interested in signing up for IT courses but perhaps do not qualify or who are simply looking for a quick solution to become work-ready, should consider joining one of our national-certificate programmes. On successful completion of these programmes, you will have a solid grasp of computer-industry concepts, enabling you to enter the workplace with confidence. It can also provide the necessary stepping stone to help you qualify for further tertiary education within this field if you so wish.

Take the First Step Towards Success

Kick-start your career in information technology with Belgium Campus ITversity. Get in touch with us (or let us contact you) to find out more about our range of IT courses and how to apply. Together, we can help you build a stellar career and a successful future.