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Is a UX design course right for you?

Consider your online browsing experience. There are certain websites that you enjoy visiting or using more than others. Yes, it definitely has to do with the content, but it’s also more than that. It’s the entire experience – the way the information is presented, the layout of the content, the ease of navigating the site, and the loading time. All of these factors influence the way you feel when using a website. The concept of user experience is enjoying the spotlight as it increases web traffic and drives brand affinity. By enrolling in a UX design course, you too can be one of the pioneers who determine this user experience.

A closer look at creating a positive user experience

The role of a user experience designer should not be confused with that of a graphic designer. Creating a positive user experience entails more than just the visual aspect of a site or app. It requires an understanding of the inherent need that the site or app is answering, who is using it and how they are using it, and then designing an experience that meets these demands.

  • Find and analyse data: Even if the chosen UX design course does not focus on or specialise in data analysis, a successful candidate should be able to research and identify their users, including their behaviour, objectives, motivations, and requirements.
  • Create user profiles: A user experience designer should use their research to create an example of a user who would use their site or app and determine the time and channel through which they would use it. This information is used to create a structure that caters to this behaviour.
  • Define the information architecture: The above exercise will allow the designer to collate the necessary information and actions in a way that makes sense for the user and supports their objective, in line with the objective of the owner of the site or app.
  • Create wireframes and prototypes: A vital skill to get from a UX design course is to use all the information gathered to create a wireframe and prototype of the website or app
  • Test and adapt the end product: Furthermore, testing should be done even after launch, and the insights should be used to adjust and improve the end product where necessary, based on the additional insight.

Where can you find a quality UX design course?

If you are looking for a reputable institution that offers a course to prepare you for a career in UX design, choose one of Belgium Campus iTversity’s degree courses. All of our courses are accredited and in line with top international standards to ensure that our graduates can be leaders in their field, wherever they choose to work.