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Prepare Yourself for Success with a Bachelors in IT

Securing a tertiary education qualification is vital in preparing yourself for success in today’s highly competitive job market. However, this is only one aspect to consider. You also have to ensure that you pursue a career in which there is a demand for skills and that offers a future in terms of employment and job security. This is even more relevant now than ever, as we find ourselves in the midst of the fourth industrial revolution. Technology is playing an increasingly important role in our daily lives, affecting the way we live, play, and work. A bachelors in IT might just be the most suitable qualification right now to ensure you do not get left behind while the rest of the world goes digital.

Why a Bachelors in IT

  1. It qualifies you to pursue many diverse career options. When you earn a bachelors in IT, it isn’t a ticket to one career opportunity only but to many – from specialising in programming or database management to networking and desktop support, with a number of options in between. It can even pave the way for you to eventually pursue further education in fields such as biotechnology and robotics.
  2. Access a world of job opportunities. The advancement of technology means that skills related to information technology are required in just about every type of business and industry. In fact, in many parts of the world, this is one of the fields with the most available jobs.
  3. Get the skills to change the world. Sounds a bit over-dramatic? Well, think about it this way: nowadays, people with skills in information technology are most often the ones who come up with new innovations and solutions to daily challenges, changing the way we do things.

Get your Bachelors in IT through Belgium Campus ITversity

Belgium Campus ITversity has three well-placed campuses – in Pretoria, Kempton Park (Johannesburg), and Port Elizabeth – offering students the opportunity to obtain a bachelors in IT. We help you to shape the future by not only sharing information with you, but by developing your skill set in such a way that you are ready to enter the job market. To provide you with the best possible education, we partner with international universities, as well as local and international businesses to combine the highest standard theoretical knowledge with real-world experience. Following this approach, our students boast a 100% employment record post-graduation.

If You Cannot Commit to Full-Time Classes During the Week – No Problem

Whether you have a job or other commitments that you need to honour that keep you busy during the week, this does not mean you have to give up on your dreams to earn a bachelors in IT. In addition to our full-time classes, Belgium Campus ITversity also offers the Bachelor of Information Technology as a part-time course. While completing this degree, you will still have the opportunity to attend lectures on Saturdays to guide you through the programme.

To find out more about obtaining your bachelors in IT through Belgium Campus, the doors it can unlock, and how to apply, get in touch with us. We will happily answer all your questions.