On Wednesday, 20 September 2017, Belgium Campus and Infor signed the Infor Education Alliance Program agreement. The contract earmarked Belgium Campus as the first partner of the program in Africa. Infor is the world’s 3rd largest ERP technology provider after SAP and Oracle.

The association of the two organizations adds to the benefits already enjoyed by Belgium Campus students. The free tools, resources and support systems that Infor provides place BC students at an advantage when entering the job market.

During this festive event Martine Cadet, Vice President, Global enablement at Infor said- “The global ICT industry is in need of intelligent, bright people that can push the envelope. For this reason, we focus on the transference of real skills in three steps: Learn, Demonstrate and Excel.”

Martine’s sentiments are aligned to Belgium Campus’s inclination to collaborate with business and challenge students to develop creative applications that provide feasible solutions.

This was reaffirmed by Thandeka Mbokazi, 2nd-Year Belgium Campus student and attendee of the Infor training sessions “Here our brains and young energy come together with genius Infor ideas to create magic.”

During the signing ceremony, Softworx MD Jane Thomson confirmed the sponsoring and offering of 6 internships to females who are currently on the program. Softworx is a member of the EOH group and the only Infor Gold Channel partner in Sub-Saharan Africa. They give companies a competitive edge over their competitors.

The collaboration between Belgium Campus, Infor and Softworx is a promise of prosperity for students and all corporations that comprehend the nature of business in the modern society. Vigorous marketing no longer guarantees growth or profitability.

Businesses today need to be strategic and tailor their services according to the requirements of their targeted audiences. Having access to talented people who possess the right qualifications and skills is key. Belgium Campus is the ideal source of such persons; the students at BC have the technical and theoretical knowledge that allows them to develop new and creative solutions for businesses whilst pursuing their qualifications.

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