3rd-Year Showcase

If you’ve got IT flaunt IT

On 10 November 2017, Belgium Campus celebrated the 3rd-year students’ innovation projects. This event gave the students an opportunity to showcase the various projects they have been developing throughout the year.

The annual event allows students to flaunt their skills as well as advocate the flexibility and adaptability of IT. The different projects on showed how IT can provide solutions to a very wide range of societal challenges.

Attending the event were the 1st and 2nd-year students who will be taking over from where this year’s group left off. The event gave them the chance to see what they can achieve if they work hard and dedicate themselves to their studies. All the students who attended are definitely motivated to explore their own potential as innovators in the industry.

Externally, Wonderware’s Technology Director, Deon van Aardt and Solutions architect, Devendree Ankiah also came to witness, first-hand, how ready the students are to steer the direction of the future. Both Wonderware representatives were very impressed with the professionalism and eagerness showed by all the students.

Deon van Aardt had this to say: “What I appreciate here is the students’ enthusiasm for their projects. All of them are very proud of their projects and I think it makes them ready for industry. When they go out there they’ll be able to very quickly get into delivering very high-quality products.”

Congratulations to all the students for exploiting the primary task of an IT professional, which is to challenge and reinvent current methodologies with the purpose of simplifying the way that society does things.

Everyone who was involved in organizing and the facilitation of the third-year projects showcase should be proud of the event’s success. The students were particularly grateful for the mentorship from Anila, Charmaine, Milton, Jacques and all the lecturers who assisted them with the projects.

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