The Belgium Campus iTversity student body has spoken and the new SRC president for 2020 is Nikki Truter!

“Being selected to be this year’s SRC president is a great honour and a huge responsibility. It feels good to know that my peers have faith in me and I plan to represent them well,” Truter comments.

Truter is a 2nd year Bachelor of Computing student specialising in software engineering. She describes herself as a hard working individual who is not afraid to reach for the top. “I ran for SRC president for 2020 because I felt it would be the best way for me to make a positive difference on campus. You can’t expect to see the change you want if you are hiding in the background,” she says.

At Belgium Campus iTversity we adopt a student-centred approach to learning which allows us to understand and accommodate the unique needs, talents and capabilities of each student. We believe students are happier and participate in their education more freely when their ideas are listened to and their opinions are valued.

“My main goals as SRC president are to improve overall student life and to ensure that each and every student feels heard and represented. I feel this will be best achieved by maintaining a smooth and transparent line of communication between the students and the institution, something I plan to focus on during my presidency. I also hope to get students excited about campus events and student life in general,’ Truter shares.

Along with ensuring that each student feels heard and well represented, the SRC president is responsible for selecting a board of representatives for each major SRC committee (Outreach, Finance, Marketing, Clubs, Discipline, Event Planning, Sport, Student Relations, Technical, Hostel) and overseeing their general management.

“I feel confident about the board I have chosen. I, along with the current SRC president and vice presidents, chose the people we feel are best suited for each committee and I have no doubt that everyone will do their job to the best of their ability. 2020 is going to be a great year!” Truter concludes.