Why You Should Study IT in 2021, and Where to Do It

If you have not yet decided on what you want to study in 2021, now is the time to seriously consider your options and make your move. The application for most courses is underway and the sooner you apply, the better. If you are still unsure of what career to pursue, you may want to consider the wonderful and varied world of IT. This career choice holds many benefits and it may offer you many more career choices than you might realise.

Why You Should Study IT in 2021

We all want to equip ourselves as well as possible for employment and build a successful career and future. This is exactly what you will be doing when you choose to study IT at a reputable, accredited institute in 2021. Here are some of the reasons why this is the smart choice:

  • Information Technology experts are always in demand. Employment is a major concern for the youth of South Africa today. So many students struggle to find work, even after graduating. The positive thing about Information Technology is that it is a rapidly growing field and a skill that is required by just about every industry. As such, there are many job opportunities available in this field.
  • You have a diverse variety of career choices available to you. It’s not just about fixing computers. The discipline is exceptionally wide and varied. You can become anything from a technical writer, game developer, system administrator or chief technology officer to a programmer or app developer… the list goes on.
  • You can potentially work wherever you want. Another benefit is that Information Technology skills and expertise are in demand across the globe. You can search for a job locally, move to another city, or spread your wings and experience the world if you want to, especially if you obtain your qualification through a recognised and accredited institution.
  • There are great salaries up for grabs. Because of the sustained demand for experts in this field, you could work your way up to a healthy salary, which is always a great motivation.
  • You can truly make an impact. Every aspect of our lives is touched by technology. Information Technology specialists are the ones who most often come up with the innovative products that we use on a daily basis. Will you be one of these innovators who changes the world?

Where You Should Study IT in 2021

So, you’ve made up your mind to study IT in 2021. But where? You want a tertiary institution that will impart all the necessary knowledge to give you a solid grasp of the subject matter but will also prepare you for the actual work environment. Belgium Campus ITversity is the place for you. With campuses in Pretoria, Kempton Park, and Port Elizabeth, Belgium Campus has made a name for itself both locally and internationally in terms of quality and innovation. In fact, it boasts a 100% employment rate for students, post-graduation!

If you are looking to study IT in 2021, get in touch with Belgium Campus ITversity today.