IT University Elects Female SRC President for Second Consecutive Year

Belgium Campus iTversity has elected a female SRC president for the second year in a row. With information technology remaining a male-dominated field, could this be an indication that today’s youth will be the driving force that sees more females welcomed into leadership positions in the industry? We can’t say with certainty but one thing’s for sure, this year’s SRC president certainly displays all the qualities a great leader should.

Blessed Rapudi is a 3rd year Bachelor of Computing student specialising in software engineering at the IT university. She describes herself as an outgoing individual who is not afraid to work hard to reach her goals. “Everything I have achieved so far has been the result of hard work and determination and there is still a lot I am yet to achieve,” she explained with a confident smile.

After completing her studies, Ms. Rapudi intends to complete a master’s degree overseas before entering the working world and eventually opening her own business. She plans to open a non-profit to expose young females to information technology and the exciting world of code. “We need to see more females taking up space in the industry and I want to help achieve this,” she shared.

After serving on the SRC board for the past two years, Ms. Rapudi felt that she was ready to rise to the challenge of becoming the IT university’s 2021 SRC president. “I really enjoy serving people. I have been a volunteer at my church for the past 7 years where I learned to work with different people in many different situations. I felt that this experience, combined with my leadership and listening skills, would greatly assist me in the role of SRC president.”

Ms. Rapudi shares her goals for the year ahead. “I want the Belgium Campus SRC to be a safe haven where students can raise anything from new ideas to challenges. I also want to create a positive and productive environment on campus, and foster continued trust, transparency and collaboration between students, the SRC and campus management. I believe that together we can achieve more and take the IT university to new heights!”