Information Technology Institutions in South Africa

South Africa has one of the largest Information and Communications Technology (ICT) markets in Africa. It is said to be the most innovative and technologically advanced country on the continent for several years. This puts an immersive pressure on the Information Technology institutions in South Africa to produce high-calibre, world-class students in the broad career paths classified under computer software and hardware.

A few of these institutions expose their students to working on various local and international projects with international peers to mould them into global thinkers. By welcoming international students to study with their students, they create a multi-cultural platform where everyone is enriched by what others have to offer. From these experiences, students acquire the kind of knowledge that has no borders and can be applied globally. Students must do proper research on the kind of education offered by institutions before they enrol for study.

There are several well-established public and private Information Technology institutions in South Africa that offer a variety of IT qualifications. For students who lean towards specialisation in computer software and eventually become professionals, it is most likely to work in the industry suitable for flexible work. As software professionals, such as Security Software Developers, global thinking is a skill that could be harnessed with wide exposure to the educational models offered at tertiary institutions.  

Organisations use technology extensively all over the world. IT professionals in the computer hardware industry are just as in-demand as software specialists. The hardware professionals are those responsible for the installation, maintenance, and repair of computer systems. Since their vocation relates to the physical development of a computer and its peripherals, it is not quite as easy for them to work remotely. Previous experience in working with multi-cultural teams equips students with the ability to effortlessly blend into any team and to navigate the differences and challenges brought on by diversity. The Information Technology institutions in South Africa and around the world are faced with an impressive challenge of providing the kind of IT education that is not limited to academia. The industry seeks IT professionals with relevant skills, prowess and aptitude. This demand challenges higher learning institutions to think out of the box of conventional learning to produce global industry graduates.