Dispelling Artificial Intelligence Myths – A Crash Course

AI has become a popular yet polarising topic. While some marvel at the endless possibilities it presents, others are apprehensive and even fearful of this emerging technology. Much of this fear stems from misinformation. This short article briefly outlines what artificial intelligence is and dispels some common myths surrounding this controversial topic.


Simply put, artificial intelligence is the mimicking of human intellect by computer systems. As such, it allows computer systems to carry out tasks that would usually be done by humans. It may sound complicated, but it is actually more common than you might think. If you’ve used your phone’s autocorrect function or any sort of navigation system, then you’ve used AI!

More exciting examples include self-driving cars and human-like robots, like Hanson Robotics’ Sophia robot that has been doing the rounds on social media. Now, before you start panicking over a robot takeover, read on to find out why this isn’t something you should be worried about, at least for now.

The ‘Robot Takeover’ Myth

Despite what the media and movies like I, Robot may lead you to believe, we are a long way away from robot domination. It will take many further advances before robots achieve the level of consciousness and free will needed to take over the world, and even if we do eventually get to a stage where this is possible, you can rest assured that lawmakers all over the world will ensure that a full-scale takeover does not happen.

The ‘Humans Will Become Obsolete’ Myth

Another unfounded fear of this increasingly popular technology is that it will completely remove the need for human workers. Though this is a very real fear for some, a recent paper, published by MIT Task Force, predicts that AI will, in fact, lead us on a different course. The paper, titled “Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Work,” argues that AI will continue to spark growth within existing industries and may even lead to the development of new ones, ultimately leading to job creation.

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