IT University Launches Educational Platform

Belgium Campus iTversity, a private university in South Africa specialising in information technology qualifications, has launched an online educational platform. The platform, titled BCTV, aims to educate and excite the public’s curiosity on the importance and pervasiveness of information technology.

The Platform’s Significance

According to Stats SA, South Africa’s unemployment rate has hit an all-time high at 34.4%. This is in stark contrast to the World Economic Forum’s most recent skills report on the increasing skills gap that not only our country will soon face, but the world. Out of 20 job skills that will increase in demand, 70% are in information technology or related fields. With this in mind, it is clear that IT education is the most effective way to eradicate poverty and invest in the economy of our country.

Powered by Belgium Campus iTversity, a private university that aims to alleviate South Africa’s educational and unemployment challenges by bridging the information technology skills gap, BCTV aims to further these efforts by encouraging more individuals to pursue a career in information technology.

What the Platform Features

The platform features video interviews with IT professionals from successful organisations that use technology in innovative ways. In addition to covering some of the innovative projects these companies work on, the videos also explain complex technologies like artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things.

Many of the companies featured on the platform have students from the IT university completing their internships with them. These students’ experiences are also featured on the platform to give viewers insight into what it’s like to enter the professional IT world.

Read on to find out which companies have been interviewed thus far and which disruptive technologies/ innovation projects they’ve provided insight on:

Retro Rabbit

Retro Rabbit is Africa’s leading software development, user experience, data science, and design thinking company. They provided insight on their Smart Safe Project – a drop safe that accepts, validates, and counts all notes fed through it and links each deposit to the user who made it.


Liberty is a leading financial services company. They were interviewed regarding their use of the world’s number one customer relationship management platform, Salesforce, their use of AI, big data, and robotics, and their recently erected vaccination centre.


CIRT is a tech company that provides cutting-edge IoT solutions. BCTV interviewed the company on two of these solitons. The first, Q-HOP – a solution that allows customers to scan the barcodes of items they purchase using a mobile application and then pay for these items using digital payment platforms. The second, VACCLOC – a solution that measures location and temperature to ensure optimal COVID-19 vaccine distribution.

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