Top Quality IT Certificates

People often have the misconception that information technology certificates are the last resort for people who did not meet the requirements to study towards a degree or diploma. While this is sometimes the case, and they can prove to be a helpful stepping stone to further study opportunities, they should definitely be given more credit. 

IT certificates are an affordable option for people who would like to quickly launch their careers. They provide a specialised set of skills that will grant you swift entry into the working world, where you can start making an income. For some, a steady income is just the support needed to pursue further studies through part-time learning. 

Studying at Belgium Campus iTversity 

Belgium Campus iTversity offers top-quality IT certificates in the fields of systems and database development. Created in line with our mission to promote gainful employment, these courses will teach you to understand, use and apply IT in effective, efficient, and ethical ways. Read on to learn more about these certificates.

Information Technology(Systems Development)

This one-year programme will give you a solid grasp of computer industry concepts allowing you to work in areas of systems development with intermediate technical difficulty. In addition, should you choose to further your studies in IT, this NQF level 5 programme will give you the necessary undergraduate foundation to do so at a higher education level.

Students who complete this qualification can apply to study one of our NQF level 6 qualifications. These include the below database development course and our Diploma in Information Technology.

Information Technology (Database Development)

This NQF level 6 qualification will transform you into a skilled data expert in just one year! You will learn advanced database skills that will allow you to complete complex tasks and procedures in the data science space. With this course under your belt, you will have no issue finding employment in today’s data-driven world.

Why Complete Both Courses?

Accredited by MICT SETA and aligned on the NQF with the South African Qualifications Authority, these purely vocational programmes will provide you with the immediate, hands-on, specialised knowledge to quickly enter the industry.

Successful completion of both programmes will equip you to solve operational business problems in systems hardware, networking, security, and database. You will enter the working world with the ability to expertly design, develop, test, and document software solutions used in today’s business environment.

Need Help Applying? Are you ready to kickstart your career with one of the above programmes? All you will need to apply is an NSC (or equivalent) with the appropriate endorsement. Need some help with the application process? We would be more than happy to assist. Give us a call on 010 593 5368 or send us an email at