Study Computer Architecture

Study Computer Architecture – Become an IT Expert 

As with any profession, if you want to become an IT expert, you must first master the basics. IT professionals spend most of their time working with PC systems. It should come as no surprise, then, that understanding the basics in this field means developing a sound understanding of how these systems are designed, built, and operate. How do you achieve this? You study computer architecture at Belgium Campus iTversity!  

The Field Explained 

Computer architecture is the study of how various hardware and softwarecomponents are organised and work together to make a PC system function. These components include processors, memory, and input and output devices. 

Completing a coursein this field provides an in-depth understanding of how various systems work and which technologies they can run. This knowledge is beneficial in both a study environment and the working world.

In the study environment, this knowledge provides ITstudents with the necessary foundation to pursue advancedstudiesin fields including operating systems, PC graphics, and PC networks. In the working world, it helps techprofessionals write more efficient software and effectively troubleshoot any problems that may emerge. 

Where To Enrol   

Known for producing exceptional IT professionals, Belgium Campus iTversity understands the importance of a solid foundation. The institution offers computer architecture as a first-year coremodule for each qualification. The module, comprising formal lectures on theoretical concepts, lab exercises, and discussions, equips students to perform various essential tasks on PCs and support PC hardware in a business setting. 

On completion of this module, you will be able to:  

  • Demonstrate an informed understanding of the technological components that make up a PC.  
  • Understand the key terms, concepts, facts, general principles, rules, and theories required for assembling a PC system.  
  • Select and apply standard methods, procedures, or techniques to install and configure an operating systemwithin the Windows environment and plan and manage the implementation process.  
  • Identify, evaluate, and solve routine and new problems within a Windows environment relating to troubleshooting devices and peripheral components.  
  • Gatherinformation from manufacturers to convey troubleshootingtechniques to users. 

Courses Offered

If you are interested in gaining the above knowledge and skills, Belgium Campus iTversity offers the following industry-relevant qualifications you can choose from:

  • A Certificate in Database Development.
  • A National Certificate in Systems Development.
  • A Diploma in Information Technology (includes 6 months of workplace training at an external organisation or in a simulated work environment).
  • A Bachelor of Information Technology.
  • A Bachelor of Computing (includes one year of workplace training at a leading organisation).

Need More Information? 

Would you like to learn more about computer architecture at Belgium Campus iTversity? Our friendly team of career advisors would be more than happy to assist. Email us at, call us on 010 593 5368 or stop by our reception in Kempton Park, Pretoria, or Stellenbosch, and we will help you choose the best course for your future.