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Are you considering studying IT? One thing you should keep in mind is how the courseyou choose will help you navigate the global skills gap.

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What is the global skills gap? In this article, we will answer this question, address how the course you choose will determine whether the skills gap affects your career negatively or positively, and share which higher education institution will help you use the skills gap to your advantage.

What Is a Skills Gap?

A skills gap refers to the mismatch between the skills employers need and those job candidates possess. This mismatch results in a shortage of skilled workers, making it difficult for employers to find the talent they need and for candidates to find employment. To put this into perspective, according to the World Economic Forum, the global IT skills shortage could result in 85 million unfilled jobs by 2030.

What Causes a Skills Gap?

There are many reasons for a skills gap, including a lack of diversity in the workforce, a lack of investment in education, and the emigration of skilled people to countries with more opportunities, etc. However, today we will focus on a factor that affects educationalinstitutions and, consequently, you as a prospective student. This factor is the rapid advancement of technology.

Rapid technological advancement makes it extremely difficult for educational institutions to adapt their curriculumto meet the changing needs of the industry, but doing so is crucial to addressing the skills gap by equipping students with the skills necessary to receive employment. Unfortunately, not all educational institutions are willing to put in the work needed to achieve this. Institutions that fall short in this regard produce graduates who struggle to land a job after spending years studying an outdated curriculum.

With the above in mind, when choosing between IT qualifications, ensure you ask the relevant institutions how they address the skills gap to ensure their graduates are not just employable but sought-after.

Qualifications That Address the Skills Gap

At Belgium Campus iTversity, we understand how important it is to provide qualifications that address the skills gap. Our commitment to this goal is evidenced by the mission our institution was founded to fulfil – addressing South Africa’s widening skills gap and ensuring that all graduates are employable in an evolving economic environment.

We regularly update our curriculum in collaboration with top organisations and have become known for producing top-tier graduates. Our relationship with the industry ensures our students graduate with a set of skills that not only meet the needs of the current job market but also provide the building blocks needed for lifelong learning -a crucial skill for tech professionals.  

Need More Information?

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