National Certificate: Information Technology

(Systems Development)

Our certificate programmes offer an affordable option to quickly launch your IT career. They also serve as a stepping stone into one of our other programmes if you did not meet the necessary entry requirements.


Accredited by MICT SETA and aligned on the NQF with the South African Qualifications Authority, these certificates are created in line with our mission to promote gainful employment by training young people to understand, use and apply IT in effective, efficient, and ethical ways.


On completion of this qualification, you will possess a specialised set of skills that will allow you to work in areas of systems development with confidence. You will gain a solid grasp of computer industry concepts and learn to expertly design, develop, test, and document software solutions needed in today’s business environment. You will also gain the necessary undergraduate foundation to further your studies in the IT field, should you wish.

Further Study Opportunities

Successful completion of this programme yields the exit level outcomes described below.

Upon completion of the Higher Certificate: Information Technology (NQF level 5) in Systems Development, the student can apply for Recognition of Prior Learning from Belgium Campus iTversity in order to continue his/her studies at Belgium Campus in one of the other programmes offered by the institution.

Course Info


Mathematics 151MAT151512 View
Computer Architecture 151COA15157 View
Database Development 151DBD151518 View
End User Computing 151EUC15157 View
English Communication 151ENG15157 View
Information Systems 151INF151512 View
Innovation and Leadership 101INL10155 View
Innovation and Leadership 102INL10255 View
Network Development 151NWD15157 View
Programming 151PRG15157 View
Programming 152PRG152513PRG151View
Web Programming 151WPR151513PRG151View
Electives (Choose one of)
Business Management 151BUM15157 View
Entrepreneurship 151ENT15157 View


Mathematics 151View
Computer Architecture 151View
Database Development 151View
End User Computing 151View
English Communication 151View
Information Systems 151View
Innovation and Leadership 101View
Innovation and Leadership 102View
Network Development 151View
Programming 151View
Programming 152View
Web Programming 151View
Electives (Choose one of)
Business Management 151View
Entrepreneurship 151View

Disclaimer: Students will be assigned to either morning or afternoon classes based on the availability of venues, seats, and lecturers, as well as the optimal distribution of resources.

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